Design Education

Where to study?

Design college – Check list

How to select a good design college?

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Well Learned Faculty

The Faculties should be either from well esteemed design institutions or a proven designer or artist from the industry.

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Workshops & Labs

The design modules are predominantly practical learning which requires a state of the art wood, metal, clay, workshops and labs required for garment construction, dyeing, film editing, Prototyping through CNC machines, Film Screening Auditorium.

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Updated Equipment

Other than working at the labs and the workshops students should be given an opportunity to work on their own providing them with the updated equipment needed for each discipline.

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Knowledge Facilities

Studying design requires a lot of Self learning. For which the students needs a well facilitated knowledge centers through books and internet

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Interactive Spaces

A lot of outside classroom learning is needed for first step of designer. The more they interact with others and understand their opinions and values the more they think & process. It is important to provide student interactive spaces in college.

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Industry Connect

The institution should have enough tie ups and connections with the current global industries and industrial people of the design sectors. This helps the students to find better internships and careers with their fine learning.

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Students diversity

Since the foundation of design in human centered approach and divergent thinking, it is important that the students grow learn and work with people with diversified backgrounds with their language, culture, class, beliefs.


A lot of universities and colleges now offer design education on a streamlined level in both graduation and post-graduation degrees. The topmost institutions which have been the key to the development of design field in India are as follows.

Architecture Institutions

To study and practice Architecture with license, first step is to earn a bachelor degree in Architecture from a COA (Council of Architecture) accredited institution.

Art & Craft Institutions